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Alex: a Passion for Life

Critic's view - Wednesday, March 31

Alex: a Passion for Life ABC2, 8.30pm Burn Notice Channel Ten, 9.30pm Beautiful People ABC1, 9.30pm

Pamela's cheeky ad deemed a touch too much

A COMMERCIAL featuring Pamela Anderson (right) in a gold bikini rubbing against another scantily clad woman while being sprayed with a white liquid has "crossed the line" in bad taste and been banned from Australian television.

Critic's view

Bombora: the Story of Australian Surfing

For a piper, it's a long way to the top from the back of a flatbed truck

BAGPIPE player Kevin Conlon will never forget the day he received a phone call out of the blue from former AC/DC singer Bon Scott asking him to feature in the video clip for It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll).